On May 6, I went to St. Anthony Catholic School for our monthly Kindness Workshop. The Act of Kindness from my book, “Plant a Garden of Kindness, A Child’s Guide to Filling a Year with Weekly Acts of Kindness”, that Ms. Rupnik chose for this workshop was “#32 – Clean Your Park”.

We all had a great time. The kids really felt proud of their hard work because they knew that it was important, and that it was making their great school even greater. You can read my original post about this Act of Kindness, with important steps for completing it, here.

Today, I wanted to share one of the beautiful stories from that day ….

A Real Life Example for the Importance of Cleaning the School Yard

The daycare that is run out of St. Anthony was holding its Open House for new parents the very next day after we cleaned up the school yard. As we were walking around the school, we noticed this beautiful sign on the fence. Ms. Rupnik took this opportunity to explain how much the daycare would appreciate that we were making the entire school yard beautiful for their special day – and how nice the new parents would feel as they came to the Open House and noticed that there was not a single piece of garbage anywhere around the school. These new parents would know that this is a great school! The kids felt extra proud of their hard work knowing that it was going to make the Open House even better.

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