The fantastic Kaitlyn Lalonde made the most beautiful crochet hearts to go in the Kindness Cards that she sent up to Attawapiskat.

The wonderful Anne Laalo spoke to the teacher who received these cards and passed on the most heartwarming, inspiring, awesome story …

One of the boys who received a card with a crochet heart is 13 years old and has tried to commit suicide 3 times. When he received the crochet heart, he pinned it to the front of his coat so that he could wear it with him always. He told his teacher that it gives him hope to know that someone he has never even met before cares about him enough to make him this heart.

Here is a link to a six minute video with instructions for making these hearts: https://youtu.be/cHqOBv5Wpos

Click here for the World-Changing Kids post with an explanation on the ‪#‎MOTHERLOVE‬ Kindness Cards initiative and instructions for mailing your cards: https://www.facebook.com/worldchangingkids/photos/a.780330545375678.1073741829.759813634094036/1043196909089039/?type=3&theater

Click here for more information on the shipments to Attawapiskat that Annie and Company have planned and instructions on how you can drop items off with them: https://www.facebook.com/annieandcompany/