Some of the fantastic participants in the Creative Arts program made these Kindness Cards for the youth in Attawapiskat.

Family Harmonies Familiales is an Ottawa-based organization of Developmental Service Professionals. They offer a variety of flexible supports for families and individuals with and without special needs. They believe that families ultimately know what is best for them, and that given the right tools they can bring harmony to their own situations.

The lovely illustrator of this Kindness Card decided to be a bit camera shy and hide behind Angèle Jodouin, the Co-owner / Founder of Family Harmonies Familiales and a Developmental Services Worker.


Two of the artists in the Creative Arts program hard at work on their Kindness Cards.


Sending some love up to Attawapiskat.



As a reminder, you can make your own Kindness Cards and mail them to Attawapiskat at:

Attawapiskat First Nation
Box 248
Attawapiskat, ON

Or if you want to have your cards included in a shipment going to Attawapiskat at the end of May, along with any other donations you might want to include, check out Annie & Company’s list of needed items and drop off times at:


And for more information on the great programming that Family Harmonies Familiales offer, check out their Facebook page:


And for our original World-Changing Kids post which provides more information on these Kindness Cards and why we are sending them, click here:


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