Act of Kindness #29 – Bring a Bag to the Dentist

Bring your own reusable bag to the dentist with you the next time you go. When the dental hygienist gives you all your goodies at the end of your visit – like a new toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and a sticker – tell her that you don’t need to one of those little plastic bags, ask her to put the items in the bag that you brought.

This is definitely a kind thing to do for our planet. It might seem like a very small act of kindness because you are only one amazing world-changing kid, and you are only saving one bag at one visit, but imagine how this could add up …

Each person goes to the dentist once or twice a year – we were just talking to our friend on our walk to school today, and he has had to go four times this year, and each time he came home with one of those little plastic bags. And what do you do with the plastic bag as soon as you get home? I imagine that most people throw it out, because it is not really a useful size to be used for much else.

Imagine how much of a difference this would make if we all work together to bring our own bags. There are 35 million people in Canada – that would result in a lot of little plastic bags not having to be made, not having to be driven across the country and delivered to dentists, and not ending up in our landfill.