Act of Kindness #22 – Community of Sharing

If you know that your friend has family coming to visit for a week or two, let’s say from France, ask your adults to ask your friend’s adults if they need to borrow anything.
For example, you could lend the mattress from your top bunk to your friend, so he can let one of his family members sleep in his bed.

This way your friend’s adults do not need to go out and buy something for your friend to sleep on, which would then be stored in the basement until it maybe got used again in a year or two.
Wouldn’t it be great to have a community of friends where we could share a lot of the items we only use once or twice? And with the money we would save from not having to each buy our own items, we could go out and do a fun family activity together instead!

This would also be better for our planet – having less stuff means that less stuff has to be produced, which means that less materials have to be used, less electricity, less water, and less gas to transport the item to the store – it all results in a smaller footprint. And this is another super nice act of kindness for our planet.