This is so beautiful … “Sesame Street invented the idea that television could teach children, not just entertain them.

From very early on, its creators showed the world as they dreamed it could be. Black people, white people, and furry blue monsters lived in the same neighborhood. At a time when people with Down Syndrome were regularly institutionalized, Jason Kingsley was a frequent guest. Moms breastfed their babies in public, and all anyone had to say about it was, “That’s nice.” The whole neighborhood knew enough sign language that they could talk with Linda. They welcomed a new neighbor with a song about how happy they were to have a new friend.”

And I would like to add that when they mention, “I am God’s child” in the poem, I take it to mean they are also saying that people of all religions, and those who don’t follow any organized religion, can live together. Because looking around at the group of children, I am assuming that a number of different religions are represented. And the message is that this is OK too.

Sesame Street is a national treasure.