In honour of Earth Day, and to take part in the wonderful Earth Gratitude Wave, I am asking all the World-Changing Kids out there to think about something that they are very grateful for. As the fantastic people at Earth Gratitude Wave said, “it can be anything: your favourite tree or your favourite food, a river flowing with clean water, a glass of good red wine, kittens or birds, your home or vacations…it’s all from the earth.”

Being grateful in general is an important tool in a World-Changing Kids toolkit, and being grateful for the planet is a fantastic habit to get our children into.

So please ask your children to tell you something that they are grateful for today and share it in the comments below. I am super excited to see the beautiful and powerful responses we will receive. And then we promise to make something great with these responses … I don’t know what that is yet, but I am confident that we will be inspired by our World-Changing Kids’ words.

Save the Date: Earth Gratitude