World-Changing Kids Tie-Dying for Pink Shirt Day

On Monday, February 23, we held a tie-dying session at the Alta Vista Rink. The primary colour being used in the tie-dying was pink, so that all participants would have a fantastic shirt that they could be proud to wear on Pink Shirt Day – which was on Wednesday, February 25.

We succeeded in tie-dying 20 shirts in one afternoon! Thanks is definitely owed to Nicole and Kate for their tie-dying expertise and efforts.

And the best part was, the kids really took the message of Pink Shirt Day to heart – one of our three year old friends, when explaining his shirt to his Grandmother, said that he made his shirt and wearing it means you have to be friends with everyone no matter what. He said all his friends were wearing one … and then named five of his best friends, and added that a whole bunch more kids were wearing them to. I love the fact that a three year old has five best friends in our community!

Although it was a very cold day, the kids also had a great time sliding around on the ice – and the older ones even got out for a game of hockey after tie-dying.

For more information on Pink Shirt Day and the amazing work they are doing related to kindness and anti-bullying, you can check out their Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/pinkshirtday