World-Changing Kids (WCK):
a social enterprise dedicated to character education, leadership development, community building and social justice. We empower children to believe that they can make the world a better place, help them figure out how they want to do this, and give them the tools necessary to make this happen.

Activity Journal

Plant a Garden of Kindness

A Child’s Guide to Filling a Year with Weekly Acts of Kindness

A journal consisting of 75 Acts of Kindness kids can do in their community to help build their confidence, leadership abilities and screen-free social networking skills, while also building a friendlier community.

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Upstanders Unite

Upstanders Unite is a membership-based, online experiential learning program for youth ages 8 – 13 where we talk about real world issues and come up with actions we can take to help make things better.  We connect with, support and empower our youth through meaningful and impactful experiences, conversations and mentorship.

This is achieved through monthly online networking events and learning opportunities that encourage our youth to:

  • Discover their passion and gifts, determine their own path, and become great leaders.
  • Grow and diversify their knowledge, empathy, compassion and connections.
  • Develop actions they can take to make things better, thereby building their confidence and ensuring they believe that they have the power to make a difference now – not just in the future, but right now.

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World-Changing Kids TV

World-Changing Kids TV – where kids interview amazing guest experts, from all over the world, on so many different and important issues.  These conversations are wide open and unscripted and are led by the kids’ interests, thoughts, imaginations, and wonderings.  The questions these kids come up with are so insightful and the conversation always goes in beautiful, unexpected directions.

Check out our YouTube channel to learn with us about ways we can work together to make things better in so many different social justice and environmental activism areas.

School-Based Program

Year of Kindness for Schools

Our Year of Kindness for Schools Program is completely student-led and provides students with a framework for how to be engaged, passionate, inspired and empowered citizens and leaders.  We have a Guided Version for schools in the Ottawa area who would like WCK to help them facilitate the program and a Self-Directed Version for schools anywhere who are excited to facilitate the program with a teacher lead or parent volunteer.

Since launching this program last year, we have facilitated programming in 10 schools in the Ottawa area, directly connecting with and inspiring over 1,700 students already!

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Fundraising with World-Changing Kids

Are you looking for a fundraiser for your School Council, Sports Team or Charity? World-Changing Kids wants to partner with you to help you meet your fundraising goals. Sell our book, “Plant a Garden of Kindness”, and earn 40% of sales towards your fundraising goal.

Feel good about promoting a product that will make the world a better place, while helping kids to become empowered, engaged, confident and compassionate leaders and decision makers.

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Speaking Engagements

World-Changing Kids is now available for speaking engagements!

Is your School Council or Community Organization on the lookout for speakers on topics of interest to parents? Are you hosting an event and looking for a fun, dynamic speaker to engage your audience on parenting-related issues?

As parents, we are in the business of raising future adults. Regardless of their future careers and life paths, we want them to be confident, empowered, passionate leaders and decision makers who feel happy and fulfilled – we want them to be Upstanders, rather than Bystanders in life. And yet, many of us struggle with how to teach them all of the “soft skills” they will need to live their best life. We would love to discuss with you how we can partner to help our children learn these necessary “soft skills”.