Year of Kindness for Schools


WCK offers a year-long kindness program for schools. The introductory price for this program is $1,500 – for a 25 week program, for the entire school.

A Year of Kindness consists of:

• A Kick-off Kindness Assembly – This is held during the day for the students, or on a weeknight to include parents and children. The assembly includes a presentation from WCK explaining the Year of Kindness program, some Kindness Improv Scenes performed by the students, and the completion of a group Act of Kindness.

• Daily Acts of Kindness Challenges – Each day following the Kick-off Assembly, a student will read a daily Act of Kindness Challenge over the morning announcements. This will set a daily intention of kindness, and will show the students that the adults in their lives feel that kindness is important. It will also start a friendly competition between classes and students to see who can do more Acts of Kindness.

• Weekly Acts of Kindness Challenges for Families – Once a week, an Act of Kindness Challenge will be sent home to the family. This is something that the students and their parents can complete in their community. Again, the power of this is that it reinforces that the adults in their lives value kindness.

• Supporting Material – WCK will provide the school with templates and worksheets that can be used to support their kindness work. For example, they have tracking flowers and bugs that the teachers can give to the students for recording an Act of Kindness that they have completed. This could be done once a day, once a week, or once a month – this is up to the teacher. These can then be posted up in the classroom, on the classroom door, or in the lobby – the students can grow their garden of kindness and have a visual representation of all the great work they are doing. WCK will also provide the school with a worksheet where the child can fill in the Act of Kindness completed and journal about how it made them feel and how it made the person receiving the Act of Kindness feel. Again, the teacher can determine how often this will be used.

• Final Kindness Celebration – WCK will hold a final wrap up assembly to talk about all the great work the students did and congratulate them on creating a kinder, friendlier, more resilient school community.

Send us an email at if you are interested in this amazing program or would like more information.