World-Changing Kids 2018 Calendar


Our World-Changing Kids 2018 Calendar is for parents, teachers, educators, and childcare providers – really any important adult in a child’s life. The calendar will help adults teach children acceptance, kindness, empathy, social activism, inclusion, engagement and peace. Together, we will build stronger, more resilient communities. We will raise a generation of children who will change the world for the better. The calendar is written for children ages 4 to 12.

This calendar includes a collection of important dates sourced from children and youth. These dates include religious holidays, social justice dates, environmental dates, etc. They include any and all dates deemed important by the children and youth. Two weeks before each date, the calendar owner will receive by email a “conversation starter” that provides a child size explanation of the date, why it is important and an action that the child can take to honour the date. In addition to all this amazing learning, you will also get a beautiful wall calendar with artwork created by students at Charles H. Hulse Public School.

We wanted to work with Charles H. Hulse on this because it is a beautiful school in our community with very high needs. It has such high needs because its population is mostly made up of immigrants and newcomers, with English being the second language for a lot, if not the majority, of the kids. Some of the children’s only previous experience with school has been in a refugee camp. As a result of having a high population of immigrants and newcomers, the School Council is not able to do much fundraising, which other schools do to purchase things like technology and workshops for the kids. We are going to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of our World-Changing Kids 2018 Calendar to Charles H. Hulse so they can get those extras for their students. With your contribution towards our calendar project, you will be telling the kids at Charles H. Hulse that they are loved, supported and valued. And they will have pride in knowing that they helped create this calendar, they did the artwork, they were agents for change for their community. The positive impacts of this will have lasting benefits for these kids.

Your support of this calendar will help us achieve our mission of teaching children acceptance, kindness, empathy, social activism, inclusion, community engagement and peace. We can achieve all this by simply teaching children about all members of their community – people of all skin colours, languages, religions, backgrounds, abilities and cultures. If children are introduced to all this beautiful diversity when they are young, it will become normal. They will learn that we are all more than same than we are different. They will not look at some members of their community as “others”. There will be no “us vs. them”. Because this diversity will be known and valued from a young age, it will not be feared. And often it is fear that leads to hate and racism.