Learn More, Do Better 2018 Calendar


“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

Our world is hurting right now. There is so much pain and anger. There is too much violence. We are lonely, anxious and disconnected. We are stuck in the “us vs. them” mentality. The world needs our kindness, love and compassion now more than ever. The world needs us to work together to raise this generation of kids to be engaged, empathetic, confident leaders.

At World-Changing Kids, our philosophy is to present real life situations to children in language that they can understand – at younger ages than most people would probably think you could. We present children with the facts, without the terrible images and sensationalism of the 24 hour news shows. Hearing the constant barrage of negative news leaves all of us feeling down, powerless, fearful, anxious and apathetic. In order to combat these feelings, we give children as much information as they need to understand a situation, and then we give them an action they can take to help make that situation better. This empowers them to believe that they can make a difference. This way, our children feel engaged and empowered rather than anxious and apathetic.

To help us teach our children and support them in becoming engaged, empathetic, confident leaders, we have created the World-Changing Kids “Learn More and Do Better” Program.

What You Get

52 child size Conversation Starters emailed to you prior to important dates throughout the year – social justice dates, religious celebrations, environmental dates, etc. Each Conversation Starter explains what the date is, why it’s important, who celebrates it and provides actions the child can take to honour the date.

The actions provided to the children to honour the date include such things as videos to watch, books to read, Acts of Kindness to complete, organizations to follow, and Kindness Cards to make. The Conversation Starters also include links to articles and videos for parents to read/watch to learn more about the topic.

Plus, you receive a physical calendar, with beautiful artwork created by the amazing students at Charles H. Hulse Public School, and $5 from each subscription goes to the fantastic school. This is a fantastic confidence building experience for these students because rather than always being recipients of charity, they are responsible for raising money for their school. They are agents for positive change in their community.

Subscription Price

The cost for the year is $45 – which is less than $4 per month or about $0.87 per Conversation Starter!

“Learn More and Do Better” Program Vision

The “Learn More and Do Better” Program teaches your children acceptance, kindness, empathy, social activism, inclusion, community engagement and peace. They learn about all the different members of their community – people of all skin colours, languages, religions, backgrounds, abilities and cultures – and the experiences they live. On top of all this amazing learning, the kids are provided with a concrete action they can take that empowers them to become more involved in all the different topics, issues, and subjects discussed in the program.

If children are introduced to all the beautiful diversity of our world when they are young, it will become normal. They will learn that we are all more the same than we are different. They will not look at some members of their community as “others”. There will be no “us vs. them”. Because this diversity will be known and valued from a young age, it will not be feared. And often it is fear that leads to hate and racism.

What People Are Saying About Our First Conversation Starter on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

One man who purchased a subscription for his daughter and granddaughter sent us a beautiful note saying:

“My 7 year granddaughter called to explain that the family had pancakes on Sunday and sat around talking about MLK. That led to Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman. She then described to me what happened on the bus with Rosa Parks.

My daughter shared that what she appreciated was the quality of the research material you shared. She said that she could have Googled MLK and found something, but not what you did and probably would not have found the time to do it in the first place.

Thanks again for this amazing initiative.”

And another woman wrote to us saying:

“Thanks for these write-ups. They are so helpful to explaining these days to my kids. I'd never really thought about bringing these issues and events to their awareness, probably because no one ever did it for me, but it's fascinating to see them absorb it. They really took in his speech, which was impressive.

Thanks for all the great work that you do and for providing so much inspiration!”